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Environmental Biotechnology (CIBAMA)

The mission is to develop knowledge, tools and specialized biotechnological innovations to propose scientific and technological solutions to regional and national environmental issues. Moreover, the Center has as mission to contribute to the formation of advanced human capital and create national and international networks of collaboration.

CIBAMA, dependent on the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the Universidad de La Frontera, is a center formed in 2015 (Exempt Resolution No. 3724) by a group of researchers and professionals who share a passion for the development of applied science.

Biotechnology on Reproduction Center (CEBIOR)

To strengthen and expand interactivity between traditionally disparate disciplines, enhance academic productivity, increase the critical mass of researchers, promote the integration and mutual complementarity of skills and resource sharing, increase the capacity to develop research and projects, increase scientific publications, design postgraduate study and projects, expand national and international ties through agreements with public and private agencies.


Waste Management & Bioenergy

The Center’s activities are focused on research into waste to value technologies and the development of renewable energy, particularly bioenergy, applying and incorporating engineering concepts. The main research topics of our Center are: Search for new raw materials for energy production; Biotechnological, chemical and thermal processes for biofuel development; and the Development of materials and waste reutilization technologies.

Plant, Soil Interaction & Natural Resources Biotechnology

The mission of the Plant-Soil Interaction and Natural Resources Biotechnology Group is to develop research lines in chemical, biological and microbiological science and technology for the sustainable production and quality of food in southern Chile

Molecular Biology & Pharmacogenetics

The mission of the center is to contribute to the development of knowledge and transfer of technologies in different areas related to the genetic basis of priority diseases, cardiovascular pharmacogenetics and identification of active principles of native flora with potential therapeutic action.

The group's objectives are to develop scientific research, disseminate knowledge through publications, applied research for developing patents, advanced human capital formation and effective links with the production sector

Food Biotechnology & Bioseparations

The Mission of the Center of Food Biotechnology and Bioseparation Technologies (CFB & BT) is to contribute to knowledge and development of technologies with a physical and biological basis related to food and feed production and their transfer to the industry.

Environment Institute

To be regional and national references in environmental issues related to people, the territory and the productive sector, allowing a more sustainable development of the region and the country.
We update human capital and develop projects focused on the study and solution of environmental problems through a multidisciplinary and innovative approach, with an emphasis on linking with the environment, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the region and the country.

Water Management & Technology

The Water Management and Technology Center of the Universidad de La Frontera - CEGETco is a unit formed by a multidisciplinary body of researchers and professionals.

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